Never Shrink, Never Fade


When complete, a total of 60,000 tiny glass seed beads will compose this 10″ x 31″ woven panel. It may become part of a wearable garment or remain freely hung on its own.



2 thoughts on “Never Shrink, Never Fade

  1. I saw this piece on display at the Oliver Art Center this winter and was absolutely stunned by it. I have done seed bead loom work (with 12’s) and hand work (with 16’s) and found this piece fascinating. It made me wonder how many people actually took the trouble to back away from it so they could see what the image was.


    1. Thank you so much for the compliments. I wonder too, and am ever amazed and amused by what people see (or don’t see). lllll.still.lllll is currently at the Dennos through May 5th. 🙂


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