BIT by BIT is day by day, inch by inch, step by step, making things which did not previously exist in the world, which is not meant to suggest genius or even a self-applied label of “artist” but an enjoyment of the everyday while making it special, tactile and colorful with contemplative objects and surfaces.

BIT by BIT is unashamedly sentimental and builds upon the past, often re-purposing materials and objects because it beats the alternatives of stagnation or destruction, sharing in wonder and contemplation of life’s commonalities. Culture is built up, not pared down and creativity should be expansive not definitive, restricted, or rare.

BIT by BIT believes in doing something once, doing it well, and moving on to something new. Repetition is for product manufactuing and BIT by BIT makes one-of-a-kind objects.

BIT by BIT believes credentials are crutches. Let the work speak for itself. Let’s talk about concepts, color, texture, politics … anything else. Besides, part of the purpose of the creative process is get beyond yourself.

BIT by BIT understands “why”. Those who have to ask “why” may have had the innately human creative instinct muscled out of them as a child by a cruel robotic school teacher, other “practical” adults, or a misguided education system.