I’ve seen photomosaics before, it’s made of a bunch of tiny little photos, right?

No. FODOMOsaics are not compositions of little photos you may have seen online, created by an app, or on a jigsaw puzzle box. These are compositions of thousands of BITS which form one large photo-realistic mosaic image.

How are FODOMOsaics made?

— There are several steps:

1. CONCEPT. Begin an image you want to memorialize. It could be a family member, a pet, a favorite location, a landscape, or almost anything you can think of. Detail and close-up shots work best! Then choose a size, the bigger the better! NOTE: This process is not well-suited to company logos or other line art. The focus is on continuous tone images, not outlined graphic or text.

2. IMAGE. Choose a favorite existing photograph, or have new photography and/or image manipulations done. During production, the client will normally view a few virtual options then choose a final image “proof”.

3. PRODUCTION. Your FODOMOsaic (or FODOMOsaic kit) is produced in the studio using proprietary processes custom-designed by the artist. Your kit will be shipped with the necessary media and instructions.

Do you produce other photo-based works?

Yes. Representational quilts, wallhangings, tile murals, and beaded panels. Some are works in applique and patchwork, some are photo-imaging permanently wedded to natural fibers in a custom trade-secret personal process built over a six year period. Silk-screened works are also available, and sometimes also contain photographs, though are produced with halftone imagery instead of “contone” (continuous tone) images.

I don’t think I have any pictures I could use for a mosaic or a quilt.

That’s not a question, but a solvable problem. Show me your photo albums or let’s talk about shooting something new. Everyone has art-worthy moments and pictures, it’s just a matter of curating and editing them together.

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