BIT by BIT PhotoMosaics is … Photography turned to stone or glass, ceramic or porcelain. The ancient art of mosaics is updated for the 21st century expectations for photo-representation. Permanent, functional, colorful, washable and virtually indestructible, viewed from a long distance as a photo-imagery, and enjoyed close-up as an beautiful semi-abstract and durable decorative surface. For indoor/outdoor walls, floors, and other surfaces.


BIT by BIT PhotoFibers is … Photography’s snapshot genre couched in colorful cotton, silk and other fibers. Traditional crafts of sewing, embroidery, patchwork and applique are combined with comforting memories. Heirloom-quality hand construction to last a lifetime and then some. Quilts and wall-hangings are based upon images curated from treasured family albums or digital collection. And it’s okay to “match the sofa”!

Commissions —

BIT by BIT enjoys custom work. Public and private commissions are accepted. Photo-based projects based on YOUR favorite images can be created in virtually any medium, especially those available in a wide color palette: tile, colored pencil, paint, crayon, glass beads … even Lego toys or Perler beads … though natural long lasting materials are strongly preferred to plastic.


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