2017 (80″x48″x1/6″, glass beads)

Based upon a winter pine forest scene captured on a quiet snowy day after a snow storm, this shawl is close to seven feet wide and four feet tall, approximating a typical human wingspan. It is made of 168,603 glass beads in shades of blue and white with tiny amounts of black and dark purple detail, individually hand strung on a loom over a six month period after a number of months of planning, engineering, fretting, wondering if it will work, and fine tuning everything prior to production. It has not been weighed, but is an estimated 30-35 pounds.

This piece was exhibited at the Grand Rapids Police Department in Michigan as part of ArtPrize Nine, September 13th through October 8th, 2017 and voted by the public into the TOP 25 for the 2D category — thank you to everyone who visited, voted, commented, and frankly encouraged more/bigger creations to come!

NOTE: This project was aided in part with funds provided by the Michigan Lottery matching grant challenge via ArtPrize.org.


Among three other top vote-getters, wow!


Close view of the glass beads.

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