Autumn Gets Its Color


It doesn’t look like maple leafs in Fall, but it will! In a few days, this 2’x7′ FODOMOsaic will begin getting its color to eventually become public art hanging at the local library. With the help of area tweens, teens, and adults, all this gridded data will get filled in with corresponding colored pencil strokes. Come back later for progress reports and in-process photos! Exciting!

A Desert? 

At the Guggenheim: 

That’s not a desert, that’s a forest! Seriously, that looks like a large austere version of my most recent quilt: 

In this culture of individualism, one might think a person should feel a bit less creative when two works are compared, but I believe it is time to celebrate similarities and learn from it. The narrative of creativity as a singular and forward-projecting force is a myth built and taught by those whose careers are based upon that illusion being bought and sold. As someone else once suggested, you know what would be truly radical? Stagnation.

Organized Bits

Estate sales are great for miscellaneous containers for crafting. This divided dish was $1 and keeps beads organized for a big project in progress. Not only cheap, glass is heavy enough to keep potential spills to a minimum (hopefully, zero). 

I See Potential

Sometimes hoarding pays off. Having housed* these pre-WWII windows for well over a decade, I am just now exploring their potential use for a large scale work. No, it won’t be “shabby chic”. I will try bring back some aesthetic dignity to what once was standard utility. 

* Housed, as in, stored outside where the elements are helping me remove the paint (a loose outer layer covering a super-tenacious bottom one), down past what is probably the original glazing, hardened by winter and chipping off somewhat easily.

Tree Study

An early 3D paper work-up of an idea, well before production of my “tree quilt”. As with any new labor-intensive process, it’s best to visualize it first. If you can “see” it, you can’t make it.

Portfolio Prep

Artists, artisans, crafters, painters, sculptors, jewelers, authors … whatever you call yourself … Bit by Bit now offers Portfolio Prep services to creatives, with a focus on preparing photos of your work for entry into juried shows, for proposals, for grants, etc. Email me for more information.


Here we have a Prismacolor pencil drawing after the glass tile Mimi cat. This is also composed of 8,100 squares, but this time they are quite small so the finished size is 18″ square (floating between panes of glass and a solid cedar frame shown above).

Which is to say, a photomosaic can be done in various media such as tile, beads, paint, crayon, latex paint, and probably others yet unrealized. If you would like to have a custom mosaic created for you, contact me via Marie [at] 


Ten-thousand four-hundred eighty-eight. 

That’s how many itty bitty glass beads make up this bead weaving. You could also call it a tapestry. I call it a beaded photomosaic, a variation on Mimi. With fifty different colors, at six inches tall, this panel is destined for the front of an evening handbag, perhaps with coordinatng beaded fringe.